Kidsplay Safety Flooring

Our Kidsplay Safety Flooring, registered since 2015 as brand name of Fivestargrass, is the most durable, safe, colorful and inviting surfacing for playgrounds.  This system consists of our unique shock pad, made of PE foam with closed cell structure, in combination with our Kidsplay grass. This grass is made of the most durable yarns (Ten Cate) and is also available in a wide variety of colours: black, anthracite, brown, grey, blue, yellow, red/rust and white. For more information see our brochure “JUST PLAY

We see that nowadays more and more colours are used. To offer even more challenging designs we also have our Kidsplay Options (ready made designs). Also we can make tailor made designs on clients wishes. Compared to existing materials such as rubber tiles, wet pour, etc. we dare to say that especially the uv-resistance is much better with our system. Last but not least the safety of the children is secured for many years to come!  Our shock pad guarantees safety during its lifetime of minimum 15 years.

  • Value for money

  • Long life

  • Professional installation

  • Less maintenance

  • Eco friendly

  • Fire resistant

  • Hygiene

  • Accessible

Why Kidsplay Safety Flooring?

Besides above description our Kidsplay Safety Flooring offers the following unique selling points:

  • Safety secured (EN1177:2018) under all-weather circumstances
  • Easy accessible, also for disabled children
  • Fire retardant (Bfl-s1) in combination with the silica sand infill
  • Quick installation
  • Most durable system in the market
  • Re-usable after its product life, otherwise recyclable

In addition to above Kidsplay Safety Flooring we also offer different certified systems in combination with our more natural looking Allround grass (non-infill).

Due to its unique characteristics we also have our shock pads certified (EN1177) in combination with rubber tiles and wet pour. We can advice you about the advantages and also important the correct installation guidelines.

Finally we also have developed our Spelplakkers, thermoplastic markings, which need to be burnt with a gas torch on all kind of pavement. (macadam/asphalt, concrete, stones, etc) This enables our clients to cheer up existing school yards or other public places for relatively small budget. For more information visit our website

With below product range we have developed ourselves as a real Playground surfacing specialist and we create a one-stop-shopping concept for our partners.



View our products below. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kidsplay 24

Kidsplay 24 color range

Kidsplay Extra

Kidsplay Flex

Muli-use color range

Shockpad 20mm

Shockpad 30mm

Shockpad 40mm

Shockpad 50mm

Shockpad 60mm