Thermoplastic playground markings

We have developed our new product line Spelplakkers, thermoplastic playground and road markings, for the education and leisure sectors. This product line is perfectly complementary to our Kidsplay Safety Flooring. As specialist for playground surfacing we like to create a one-stop-shopping concept for our clients.

Thermoplastic markings are a staple of playgrounds in schools and nurseries across the country, helping to promote healthy outdoor activities and education.

All our products are specifically designed with the end customer in mind, meaning we can offer a number of benefits that cannot be matched by our, often more expensive, competitors. Thermoplastics are our speciality, and we know that the flexibility and variation to the patterns and shapes that can be created using our products are second to none. At Spelplakkers we strive to deliver only the highest quality products and service at a price the customer will always value.

Download our brochure here. This enables you to make a selection from our wide range of designs. Should you want a tailor made design, Spelplakkers is your partner as well. For more information please visit our website www.spelplakkers.com.