Fivestargrass Fools nature

Fivestargrass has been founded in 2005 as part of the BTL Group, nowadays Idverde Group. In those days most people were familiar with artificial grass as sports flooring. We were pioneer in the market and have since than developed and produced our landscape product range. Fivestargrass fools the nature …

Actually we have a standard product range consisting of different landscape grass (Stonefield, Cambridge, Oxford, Springfield, Allround) available in different pile heights and density. Furthermore we are producing tailor made qualities project wise or on client’s request.  We are supplying in our domestic market and worldwide, mostly in Europe, Middle East and South East Asia.  The premium quality and excellent service is highly appreciated.

Finally our brand name is well known in the world which results in the fact that we are often prescribed in tenders. This results in an increase of inquiries. Of course we are forwarding these leads to our local partners. This is what we call partnership.

Fivestargrass is produced in the Netherlands according the EU guidelines and the quality is secured by our Quality Assurance program (ISO 9001). This way we can maintain and improve the high quality of our products.

  • Fresh and natural look

  • Long-lasting ease of use

  • Colourfast and high UV stability

  • Installed perfectly

  • Low maintenance

  • Tailor made


View our products below. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Stonefield 24

Stonefield 36

Cambridge 25

Cambridge 30 Deluxe

Cambridge 45 Prestige

Oxford 30

Springfield 40

Allround 25

Allround 32


Fivestar Hybrid

Fivestar Colours