Fivestargrass – Forever Green

We have a full range of accessories in our program to be able to supply our clients with all necessary materials to finish the job. Very often we pick orders on project basis. This means that we calculate the required materials and we are able to supply, in accordance with our client, directly at site.

Find all our accessories with corresponding pictures below.


View our products below. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Geotextile; rolls of 2m x 50lm (=100 m²/roll)

Glue tape; 20 cm x 100lm

Glue tape; 30 cm x 100lm

Glue tape adhesive 20m x 12.5cm

Glue slugs (600ml/slug); 12 slugs/box

2 Component Glue (13,4 kg/bucket)

Grass pins

Silica sand (25kg bag) 40 bags/pallet

Shock pads 20 mm; dim: 1,5m x 2m (100 pieces/pal)

Shock pads 30 mm; dim: 1,5m x 2m ( 65 pieces/pal)

PU Sportlayer 12 mm; 2,05m x 36lm (=73 m²/roll)

Hook tape single sided; 10 cm x 25lm/roll

Hook tape double sided; 10 cm x 50lm/roll

Composite beams 2.8m x 10cm x 2cm