Fivestar Green Wall

Fivestargrass – Forever green

Fivestar Green Wall is part of the collection of innovative garden designs launched by Fivestargrass brand. Leading the way in artificial plant and grass technology research and development, Fivestargrass continues to revolutionize green landscape possibilities for domestic and commercial properties. Fivestargrass has an unrivalled reputation in the industry. Delivering incredibly easy-to-maintain natural-looking garden solutions for more than 15 years, Fivestargrass is your partner!

Unlike real living walls, Green-Wall arrangements do not require costly irrigation systems. Green-Wall maintains a lush garden look year-round without any of the ongoing expense and demands of natural planting. Lightweight Green-Wall panels are suitable for installation on any concrete surface, brick wall or frame, and are fully UV-stabilized and Fire-retardent to suit a wide variety of applications. Each panel is secured and positioned using a heavy-duty fixing system to create a durable and perfectly seamless finish.

You can choose from one of the following qualities Green Wall panels; the Cottage (top picture), Natural Green (left picture) or Natural White (right picture).

  • Fresh and natural look

  • Long-lasting ease of use

  • Colourfast and high UV stability

  • Fire-retardent

  • Installed perfectly

  • Low maintenance