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Fivestargrass – Forever green

Fivestargrass supplies artificial grass qualities suitable for a wide variety of sports and playing fields. Our artificial grass is used for football fields, rugby fields, cricket pitches, hockey fields, tennis courts, golf courses and certified multi-use pitches (according the Nordic Standard). All our grass has been developed and tested according the required field tests and therefore grant maximum playability.


  • Fresh and natural look

  • Long-lasting ease of use

  • Colourfast and high UV stability

  • Installed perfectly

  • Low maintenance

  • Tailor made


View our products below. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Football grass

Fivestargrass has a complete range of Soccer qualities produced in EU or China. Also we have most of them certified according FIFA regulations (Quality/quality Pro).  Nowadays we see a new tendency to constructions with lower pile height and less or non sbr-infill. This means mostly that e-layers need to be installed below the soccer grass to secure the proper parameters. Here we collaborate with different foam manufacturers (Trocellen, Alveo, Recticel and more)

Finally we mostly make a tailor made production/installation plan. This is most efficient and saves time and glue tape/glue consumption. Furthermore we also are very strong in the supply of infill materials needed at competitive conditions. (certified sbr-rubber, silica sand, etc.). For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Superb 32 4G

Soccer S-60

Soccer 40

Golf grass

Fivestargrass supplies different types of artificial grass, suitable for recreational (not professional) golf courses, private greens and putting greens. For the more professional golf courses we have our polyamide products (Fivestar Tee, Approach and Green) . We also are strong in Adventure Golf courses. Should you need our assistance with the layout and installation, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Golf Put

Golf Tee

Golf Approach

Golf Green

Tennis / Padel

We have a limited range of tennis grass made from fibrillated and monofilament yarns. The pile height varies from 12 mm for a faster court up to 20 mm pile height for a medium speed tennis court. Normally we produce tennis courts in kits with lines tufted on the rolls. The rolls will be numbered and need to be installed according the field layout. We produce these with a minimum of 2 courts at the same time, to save wastage. Finally we also have our multi-use grass (24 mm fibrillated) available with colored lines perfectly suitable for tennis with the proper quantity (30 kg/m²) of silica sand infill material.

Tennis CE-12

Tennis CE-20

Tennis N D3 12

Hockey/ Cricket/ Lawn Bowling

We have a special non directional Hockey grass in our assortment made of a texturized monofilament 13mm pile height and a very dense stitch rate. This is perfectly suitable for sports application such as Hockey, Cricket and Lawn Bowling. This is an exclusive quality which secures a long product life and offers a perfect playability for sports where ball roll is important.

Fivestar Cricket / Lawnball

Fivestar Hockey

Multi-use grass

We are proud to announce that we have certified our multi-use grass, both the kidsplay 24 and the Allround 32, according the Nordic standard. This means that our grass in combination with a PU-Sport layer and proper quantity of infill material meet the highest durability and playability parameters which are derived from the FIFA regulations. This secures a lot of play fun and safety for an affordable budget. Furthermore we have all colored lines precut available in stock. This is very helpful if different sports (multi-sports) will be practiced on this field.

Allround 25/32

Kidsplay 24