Fivestar Drain Panels

Perfect drainage and/or temporary storage of water.

These panels (size: 60cm x 60cm) are made of recycled HDPE and can be completely recycled into the same product. The panels are very easy to install and provide perfect drainage and / or temporary storage of (rain) water. The artificial grass is installed directly on top of the panels and remains in place because the panels have anti-slip studs. Special metal decorative edges can be ordered together with the panels,  to provide a beautiful edge finish.

The benefits are numerous:

  • Perfect pressure distribution and stability.
  • Non-slip and flexible for a flat surface.
  • High drainage capacity and a possible water buffer up to 30L per m².
  • The HDPE panels are completely recyclable.

The applications are endless, such as on roofs, balconies, in the garden, etc. For more information, please contact us and/or download our brochure.