Fivestar Hybrid

Reinforced natural grass

Fivestar Hybrid (reinforced natural grass) is the ultimate marriage between natural grass and synthetic grass. It combines the benefits and looks of natural grass with the strength and durability of synthetic grass.

The Fivestar Hybrid system consist of high quality omega synthetic fibers, tufted in a special backing incorporating over 40% voids.

Fivestar Hybrid USP’s:

  • Reinforced natural grass (the best of both)
  • For all kind of landscape applications, also for areas where only natural grass is a problem or hard to maintain.
  • Beautiful in combination with Fivestar Kidsplay Safety flooring systems.
  • Always green area with a natural look.
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Cooling effect due to the natural grass
  • High quality product due to the use of the best raw materials available.
  • No need to invest in special maintenance equipment.

This can be applied in many different circumstances such as all kind of landscape applications (natural look), areas on a slope to avoid soil erosion and play areas in combination with our Kidsplay Safety Flooring.

  • Fresh and natural look

  • Environmental Friendly

  • For all landscape applications

  • Cooling effect due to the natural grass